Do you have a passion for programming and you would like to share it with the kids and the teens? We’re looking for both experienced and novice trainers and developers that want to learn and grow personally, while making an impact on kids’ lives. Would you like to learn and teach in the same time the latest languages and creative coding techniques? We’re looking for engaged new people to join our team of “Digital Kids Trainers”.


  • experience in web development: business, freelance or projects at school
  • experience as a trainer or member of an organization / working with kids


  • communication and curiosity
  • organization
  • involvement in developing the content and tools for learning
  • enthusiastic about programming, able to communicate with passion and maintain the curiosity of apprentices and their willingness to learn
  • passionate about education and sharing know-how
  • caring about the group and having team management skills
  • empathy: being able to track individual students as well as the group progress. Focus more on the progress and performance of students than on their personal development and their place in the group
  • charisma: being able to coach with authority and participate in the creation of a collaborative environment open to exchange, dialogue and respect for the group and everyone.
  • ability to adapt to the personality of each participant through intensive training, patience and self-control as an essential quality.

If you love kids and you think you have the right qualifications for this role, please send your resume + a short motivational mail to:

Please put the title of the job in the subject line of your email.  We look forward to hearing from you!