You can do it too! 


No matter your age/experience/background, you are ready to join the training if you:

  •    have a high-interest in discovering a new programming language
  •    are very eager to learn

There are no prerequisites required for the training - you will learn everything you need from the ground up.However, if you already know OOP or have experience in a different object oriented programming language (Java, C#), that’s definitely a plus.

What will you learn

Introduction to Programming

  • What is a Swift playground and how to work with it

  • How to make decisions with statements and loops

  • How to structure your code with functions

Data Structures

  • How to choose the best data structure for your project: advantages and disadvantages

Object Oriented Programming

  • Structures vs classes - when to choose what

  • How to write your own properties and methods

  • Go to the next level with protocol oriented programming

Advanced techniques

  • How to handle errors

  • How to write generic code

  • Wrap it up with functional programming

How will you learn 

You are going to work with playgrounds, an interactive WYSIWYG environment where you can see changes while working on the code. It’s an easy and fun way to learn! :)

Each course will introduce a basic concept which will be applied to the project individually and discussed in the next session.

What will you do after

  • Continue learning - the course provides the roadblocks required for Apple  development, so you can dive into iOS, OS X, watchOS or even tvOS development - they all use Swift under the hood! :)
  • Find a job and work as an entry level/junior developer
  • Develop you own product and start a business



About the trainer

Cosmin blogs about Swift and iOS development at and on the Swift tutorial teams at and When not coding, he plays the guitar or studies WW2 history.





We have a flexible pricing plan and scholarships.

Regular Plan: 

600 ‎€‎‎ before 25th of March

750 ‎€‎‎ after 25th of March

Career Plan:

You get 50% off the regular tax if you choose to pay 50% from your first salary. For more details about scholarships send an email to

Did you know that 94% of our last graduates were employed one week after the end of the training? What are you waiting for?