Simplon is an organization offering trainings and learning experiences in digital education, programming and web development.

Our mission is to empower people through technology.

We do this through our long-term training programs like Digital Kids and coding bootcamp or special workshops and events. 

We think code in the new literacy and we want everyone to have access to digital skills and education of the 21st century. Our trainings are free of charge for job seekers, dropouts, people who come from disadvantaged groups, rural areas, unemployed and women, underrepresented in tech industry.

In 2014 we have organized  over 30 events with 1466 participants. Through our workshops, 261 adults have been trained and 215 kids started coding. For the coding bootcamp we've selected 12 participants and offered them a free intensive training for six months to learn how to solve problems using technology, create websites, web and mobile apps and get a job in IT.

Now we are looking for people who want to help us improve the contents, scale up and increase the social impact with our activities. 

5 questions before applying to Simplon

  • are you a self-starter with a go-get-it attitude?
  • are you a creative problem solver?
  • are you a geek passionate about education?
  • do you want to get involved in social entrepreneurship?
  • are you excited about working in a start-up?

We don't want to waste your time and our time. So please be honnest and true to yourself when answering. If you are not positive about this, please find something that suits you better. 

If you said YES, you must check out our available positions and contact us