We can help you start your own business

You want to change the world, fix problems and make extraordinary things?

Do you have lots of good ideas but you don't know what do with them?

You're in the right place. Our incubator is a place where you can find help to set up a business.

Here we give a kick start to talented people who are especially interested in solving real problems.  



we work intensively with entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a business. 


we connect the juniors with top professionals and experienced entrepreneurs. our menthorship program helps you find a business model.


once you have a business plan, you can start creating your website and find partners. we give contacts and technical support to step forward.


we facilitate acces to investors networks, international accelerators 


What you'll be learning?

  • pitching

  • business canvas and benchmarking

  • landing page, web development

  • business plan

  • teambuilding

  • setting a company

  • bootstrapping and lean startup

  • funding