Simplon Bootcamp - Results

Our pilot project in Romania is a proof that those who are really passionate about learning to code and tech are doing everything to get into that industry because they love IT.

Simplon team congratulates the very brave finalists of our coding bootcamp and thanks to all the participants, partners and trainers who made this happen. 

Simplon Coding Bootcamp
Final results

94% employement rate

1 week after the bootcamp almost all our final gradutes had a full-time job, freelancing project or internship in web development

65% retention after 6 months

out of 12 participants only 4 have quit the coding bootcamp during the 6 months and 8 are now active in web development and entrepreneurship

2/3 from our graduates

are now working as web developers in a company or startup. The other 1/3 is actively involved in the startups area, accelerators or hackerspaces but not coding.

1 of 2 

has already developed an application or website in Ruby on Rails or using technologies such as Bootstrap, JavaScript, Wordpress or MeteorJS

Thank you all again for the involvement and your energy. We are looking forward for the next Simpon batch! If you want to get involved in organizing it with us? Let's talk!