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 Marius Siklodi was studying music when he enrolled in Ruby on Rails Bootcamp in 2014.  Now he works at SkinVision as RoR developer and developed WedBox. Here's what he says about Simplon:


"Simplon bootcamp was exactly what I needed in this stage of my life to help me open my eyes to new possibilities." 




You can do it too! 

No matter your age/experience/background, you are ready to join the training if you:

  • have a high-interest in developing apps
  • are very eager to learn

If you are familiar with OOP and Java syntax you can definitely make it!

If not, register fast, so we can give you the learning challenge that makes you ready for the mobile bootcamp.


You get exactly what you see

  • ability to code your own app
  • coding skills and programming mindset
  • work experience: 3-months of hands-on experience in coding and developing projects
  • guidance: trainers explain the technical concepts, show you how to do it and how to learn to guide you through
  • job opportunities: we provide opportunities that match your interests, skills and profile. we offer recommendations, plan interviews and make sure you have a good starting point
  • knowledge base, community and support: access to learning platforms and events to meet professionals, experts, experienced programmers
  • mentoring: from product owners and entrepreneurs who can help you turn ideas into products and start a business
  • real-immersive program: access to new technologies, real projects, real team to work with
  • network: connections through our international schooling network

Here's what you learn in 3 months

  • Introduction in Mobile Development and Android OS

    • What is an Operating System and how is a mobile on different

    • Mobile Apps specific problems

    • Android OS presentation

  • Android Fundamentals

    • Android Manifest and permissions

    • Resources, assets

    • Activities, Fragments and Lifecycle

    • Services, Broadcast Receivers and Intents

  • UI Design

    • Layouts and different screens

    • Standard components and custom components

    • Styling and themes

    • Navigation behavior: actionbar, tabs, navigation drawer

    • Notifications: pop-up, toast, etc

    • Lists and adapters

  • Persistence

    • SharedPreferences

    • Preferencescreen

    • Database and Content Provider

    • Sync with cloud (Parse)

  • Monitoring and Performance

    • Logging

    • Profiling

    • Improving techniques




We have a flexible pricing plan and scholarships for everyone interested in applying to the Android course.

Regular Plan: 

  • 600 ‎€‎‎ before 15th of January
  • 700 ‎€‎‎ before 22nd of January
  • 900 ‎€‎‎ after 22nd of January

Career Plan:

You get 50% off the regular tax if you choose to pay 50% from your first salary. 


We provide these scholarships to disadvantaged people. If you are interested in details, send us an email to


Applications are now open. 

Our next course starts in April and takes 3 months.

You will have an Introduction to Java Training + 12 weeks with 3 sessions of training per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 8 to 10 AM. However you will need 6 hours per day to practice.

Each course will introduce a basic concept which will be applied to the project individually and discussed in the next session.




About the trainer



Matei Suica is experienced C++ , Java, Android and training people. 

Currently he works at Wirtek and he's the co-founder of GM Software, an Android-based software company.

On the long term he wants to help the less experienced fellows and contribute to the development of the Mobile Developers’ Community.


What can you do after?

Flat icons (6).jpg


                                        find a job and work as an entry level/junior developer

                                        develop you own product and start a business

                                        continue learning


Did you know that 94% of our last graduates were employed one week after the end of the training? What are you waiting for?